Gateway One Lending Auto Loan Reviews

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Value for money
Product or Service Quality
Interest Rate
This company is outrageous.I pay fees left and right I still owe what I boug my car from, my car is under water -meaning I owe way more than its with, the worst part is they are harassing me with calls and are clueless to begin with. I'm so upset, I can't even fully express everything this institution is wrong for.... Not to mention that when I look back on my payment records, I'm paying nothing but interest and fees of course. Oh, and...
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I didn't like
  • Harassing calls
My personal experience with these guys is that they suck. When your payment is due on the 5th, sometimes they will call you to tell you it is going to be due and if you don't make it on the 5th and the grace period is the 15th, they will start harassing calls a couple or a few a day. I didn't make my payment on the due date one time when I was on vacation and they call in the morning, the afternoon and the evening, and it's not even to the...
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These people suck! Do not get a loan from these so called lenders. The worst customer service EVER!!!
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Gateway One Lending Auto Loan Review

Had a perfect loan with Nissan and paid off a 40k loan on time every month. Tryed to get another loan and gayeway best nissan's apr. No lender is perfect but they yry.