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I financed my car through this outfit, and for three and a half years I never missed a payment, never gave them any grief. Last week I paid off my loan (early by six months), and checked online to make sure payment was received by them.

My account showed that payment had been credited to said account a week ago I called to check and see when my title would be sent, since I need to register it by the end of the month, and would like to finish the process with title in hand to save a second trip to the DMV (and the half a day involved with that). I was told it would not be sent out until the 16th of the month, which would be very inconvenient, given my work schedule (I travel as an advisor to security services), so I asked if it could be sent earlier. I was told that the only way that could happen was if I sent them a copy of my bank account showing that the payment had been made, even though their own posting showed the payment was received last week. Since I did not want to expose any unrelated information to an organization with which I was closing a relation with, I declined to do so, and again told that it was "policy".

I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was again told it was policy even though he could not explain why it was, given that the payment was received by them last week. I asked to speak to his manager, but was told that he was in a meeting, but would call me back, I guess to tell me again that it was not "policy".

My only take away from all this is that the "policy" must be that Gateway has no intention of being in any way helpful to its about to be former clients. Having read some of the other comments about this organization, I wonder if I can even expect them to live up to the 1/16/18 date?

Product or Service Mentioned: Gateway One Lending Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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